Reduce the Cost of Solar with our New Financing Program


Switching to renewable energy to power your home has a long list of pros. But what about the cons? 


Going solar allows homeowners to save money on electric bills, add value to your home, reduce your carbon footprint, invest in your future, and gain energy independence, and more. However, despite this long list of benefits, the most common reservation when it comes to making the switch is the initial cost. Going solar promises you’ll make back your initial investment over time, but the upfront costs can be a hurdle for many homeowners. 


If this is the only con to going solar, why not find a way around it? Lucky for you, we did just that.


We're now offering an exclusive financing program for California homeowners. We’ve partnered with PACE Funding to make switching to solar as affordable as ever. What sets PACE Funding apart from other programs is that they are looking to fund any home improvement that is energy efficient (Roof, Solar, Insulation, HVAC, etc.). These upgrades can add tremendous value to your home. But that’s not the only this PACE can help with…


Here are some of the unbeatable offers from PACE Funding:

Up to 25 Years Fixed Rate Financing

With PACE Funding, you receive up to a

25-year fixed-rate financing plan with their respected bank partner. 


100% Financing, No Money Down 

PACE Funding provides 100% of your financing, assuming all equipment is eligible. They require no upfront costs so that you can get started today. 

Affordable with Tax Deductions 

Utilizing PACE Funding is affordable and the interest may be tax-deductible.

No Payments for Up to 17 Months

If you need some time to generate funds to pay for your home improvement projects, they offer a no payment plan for up to 17 months. 


Approval Not Based on Credit Score 

Approval by PACE Funding is not based on a credit score. All you need is equity in your home to qualify and Ability To Pay. 

Transferrable Upon Sale of Property 

Payments for PACE Funding may stay with the property.

Along with these amazing offers, PACE promises trusted contractors, high-quality products, an easy process, and comprehensive service. Using PACE to help you go solar reduces the initial costs that go along with making the switch, so you can focus more on the long-term benefits.


With all of these ways to save throughout your solar process, there’s no reason not to take the first step and set up a virtual solar consultation today. One of our energy advisers will discuss benefits, evaluate your home, and see if you qualify in just minutes.


Click this link to send us your electric bill and we’ll get started on your solar quote right away!

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