American-Made LG Solar

LG Premium Solar Products

GS Homes wants to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best, which is why we use LG solar panels. Aside from their polished, sleek appearance, LG solar panels are constructed with the latest technology. They outperform other brands in terms of efficiency, durability, and energy production. Providing maximum value and performance, the LG NeON® series features the industry's highest standards for energy output and efficiency.

We are proud to be a Platinum Tier of LG PRO: Solar.

LG's Commitment

In addition to the quality of a solar module, performance is

the decisive factor in assuring the return on your investment.

By conducting tests that exceed IEC standards, LG ensures

that its modules satisfy the highest quality criteria upon

leaving the production line.

You can depend on the performance, as they provide a comprehensive performance guarantee of 25 years. Why do this? And why can you rely on it? As a global, financially strong company, LG is a market leader and will be a reliable partner for its customers now and in the future. They are committed to making solar energy as beneficial as it can be for you and your home.