Understanding Roofing Lingo

Various layers of roofing between your ceiling and the shingles exist to provide support and protection from outside elements. Any roof can be potentially damaged by severe weather, so it’s important that the multiple roofing layers work together to withstand heavy wind and rain. All of these layers have different names, so it helps to browse a glossary list of common roofing terms to get a clear idea of the work involved with roof installation and repair.


Here are the primary layers of a conventional modern roof:

  • Decking – sheathing is installed between trusses and joists

  • Flashing – strips of metal or plastic around roof protrusions

  • Frame – the main structure in which all layers are built upon

  • Gutters – water drainage systems along bottom edges of the roof

  • Insulation – protective material between the roof and inner layers

  • Ridge Caps – installed on ridgelines of sloped roofs

  • Shingles – top, most important protection layer

  • Starter Strip – a strip of shingles aligning edges of your home

  • Underlayment – blocks rain from penetrating underneath shingles

  • Ventilation – processes, systems using air vents

  • Water Shield – adhesive material which sticks to the wood sheathing

Why Professional Installation Matters

Even though many homeowners are tempted to cut costs on maintenance and construction, you should avoid working with hobbyists or inexperienced workers without proper roofing training and certification. You are putting yourself at risk if they lack sufficient insurance or make mistakes because fixing these issues would be costly, time-consuming. Since a stable roof is a crucial factor in safe, comfortable living, it is beneficial to get your roof done properly the first time around to help extend its life-span. You don’t want to waste time with a company that cannot guarantee a professional job. Working with inexperienced individuals can pose serious risks to staying in your budget and meeting your deadlines. Cutting corners on quality when it comes to roofing may have unsafe consequences regarding your health. GS Homes uses only the most professional, well-trained workers to help you avoid these risks. You can trust us to be there to install a stable roof that provides safety, insulation, and comfort for many years to come.

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